Swercson Set Evolution


Swercson Set is 3d printable elements that combine with wood to form a coffee table, an end table, an etagere or a room divider. It evolved from a model named "Novelty Shelving Unit" published on Thingiverse in 2019 (since removed) by Csandra (Sandra James, founder of 3D And Dowel).  She stated she was looking for an attractive way to divide space in the living room area of her small apartment. Plus, she wanted to introduce vibrant colors to contrast neutral gray walls and white trim, an easy task using 3d printing filaments. 

Novelty Shelving Unit was notable for its ability to sway from side to side without empty glass vases falling from the shelf. The video demonstrates this.  

After living with a couple of Novelty Shelving Units over a period of time, Sandra iterated various etageres until achieving a design that was both contemporary and functional. One of her goals while designing successive prototypes was to eliminate the need for glue and screws. The name Swercson was derived from the words no glue or screws. She was able to achieve the goal of no glue with Swercson Set, but found it necessary to include screws for portability purposes in the final design.

Weight capacities of furniture made with Swercson Set elements depend upon filament and wood type; and wood thickness and span. The maximum recommended height for Swercson configurations is 43 inches. 

Swercson Set provides people who live in small apartments with an attractive, affordable, and customizable way to decorate their home environment. 

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